BAJ concrete fence panels offer all kinds of advantages.

Not only is the surface of the product dyed, but the entire product is suffused. The advantage to this dying process is that the front and back always have the same colour.

It's possible to have one or both sides imprinted with a design.

Only the front side of each panel will display a design, while the back is flat. For a design on both sides, install two panels against each other in the same post, making sure that the narrowed ends line up. That also makes it possible to display both sides with a different texture and colour.

Special resin finish

For the best result, apply a resin finish. This should be renewed once every four to five years. Applying a resin finish has the following advantages:

  • It creates a protective layer that ensures the structure displays an even higher level of definition.
  • The same colour quality is maintained in dry and wet weather.
  • The resin forms a water-repellent layer so that there is far less moss growth.

Once treated, the fence can easily last from 25 to 30 years. BAJ also sells a sprayer that’s perfect for spraying the resin finish. Because each panel is equipped with multiple layers of steel reinforcement, your fence isn’t just decorative – it also enhances security!

Easy to move and install

  • panel length: 2 m
  • panel height: per 40 cm stackable
  • panel weight: ± 65 kg / panel

Our designs all work well at different heights and look great with the available tops

  • flat top
  • arch plate (not for all models)
  • cover bar