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Garden fencing and fence panels

Concrete panel fencing

Our attractive concrete fence panels are available in several standard colours and in various designs, ranging from different
stone textures to textured wood designs and in various models.

Wooden fence panels

BAJ-BETON also offers the option of combining natural or colour-stained concrete with wooden fence panels. For those who prefer natural wood, this solution is sure to please.


Most of our gabion baskets are made to order;  however we also off gabion baskets in standard dimensions. Our gabion baskets are ready-made and pre-assembled. Simply unpack, install, fill, close and you’re done! 

Other options

There's almost no limit to the number of combinations and designs. That way anyone has the possibility of creating the panel fencing or edging that he or she has in mind, based on personal taste. Our concrete panels can also be used for:

Concrete models






Rustic Ashlar

Maxi Stone


Wood design elegant

Wood design weave

Marseille - NIEUW 2019!

Brick design Flat

Stone design Textured

Wood fence panels & concrete combinations

Wood fence panel tongue-and-groove system

Wood fence panel vertical

Wood fence panel horizontal

Chestnut fencing and gates

Chestnut fencing and gates

Gabions: Unpack, install, fill and you’re done!

Gabions & concrete combinations