Frequently asked questions

Can I order by phone?
No, unfortunately we don’t accept orders by phone. Please e-mail us or use ourcontact form. You can also use our online fence planner24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once you’re done, you'll receive a full ready-to-print plan and quote & . 

Does BAJ-Beton install the fence panels?
Yes, we do. We have our own installation service; however, you'll need to request a guide price via the website or at our location first. If the guide price meets your expectations, then we'll visit you on site to take care of the final measurements. To do this though we require your personal data. You can send these via e-mail at

Why filling the joints between the plates and poles?
To eliminate any irregularities so that the fence becomes one unified whole. That way the separate panels appear as seamless as possible. NO Concrete joints = NOT FINISHED.

Why is resin used?

  • It ensures that the entire fence is covered in exactly the same colour.
  • To better protect the enclosure against external weather effects such as, e.g. rain.
  • To prevent moss growth and mildew for a fixed period (+- 4 to 5 years)

Does stored resin remain useful?
Yes, as long as you're sure to store it at a temperature above freezing .

How should I apply resin/varnish to my fence?

  • Once the concrete fence has been placed, you have to wait 4 to 6 weeks before treating the fence with the ready-to-use concrete resin, This because of the residual oils that might still be there on the concrete products.
  • The easiest way to apply the resin layer to the fence is with a sprayer with a nozzle that has an opening of at least 2.50 mm (available at BAJ-BETON)

How do I apply resin to my fence? 
The application instructions can be found under the general information heading, under the subheading: technical info.

How long will it take before my fence is installed?
12 weeks on average 

If I'm installing my own fence, when can I expect a delivery?
6-8 weeks on average 

How deep are the concrete fence panels?
On average, our concrete panels are between 3 cm and 4.5 cm deep

How many cm is the post inserted into the ground?
55 to 60 cm on average.

My soil isn't level. Can I still use BAJ concrete fence panels?
Yes. That’s totally possible. Each of our panels is reinforced with 3 rebars/mesh sheets, which means this won’t present a problem. We also have ‘base panels’ in our range that you can use to support the fencing. These mesh sheets are equipped with two extra concrete beams on the surface that contain even more steel reinforcement.

Is there a price difference between different colours and designs?
No, all designs and colours are the same price.

Can a concrete fence be made to measure?
Yes, definitely. The panel is sawed or ground to the desired length, using, for example, a diamond saw.