Concrete resin - Colors

Properties, possibilities & why apply?
What is Concrete Resin & which color suits you?

From the 2 basic colors in concrete, natural or gray anthracite, we go to many different colors for the finish. Thanks to the base color in the concrete, the finishing color stands out perfectly.

At BAJ BETON we do not choose ordinary paint. We go one step further. To ensure a good lifespan, we develop our own resins for the finishing of our fences. This offers the following advantages

Same color in wet and dry weather
Is the sun shining or is it raining outside? No problem, our concrete resin ensures that water does not penetrate the concrete, so you will always see the same color in both wet and dry weather.
Creates a water-repellent layer (against moss and dirt)
Water doesn't stand a chance through... the water-repellent property of the concrete resin
To eliminate any color differences & white stripes
The product has been developed in such a way that any color differences that arise during production or afterwards can be easily removed. The typical 'White stripes' also become invisible after applying our concrete resin
10 standard & 6 luxury colours
At BAJ Beton we don't just choose ordinary paint. To make the finishing colors of our concrete panels stand out fully, we work with colored concrete resins. These are available in 10 standard colors and 6 luxury colors
Price/quality very strong
We develop our concrete resins ourselves, so we can offer a very good product at a very favorable price. We recommend applying a new layer to your fence once every 4 to 5 years, but this is only a recommendation.
Not ordinary paint
Unlike regular paint, resin is absorbed into the concrete. That makes the whole thing a lot more sustainable!
Shipping by parcel post possible
We can have the concrete resin delivered to your home via Bpost parcel service without any problems.
Quick application by sprayer
You can spray the product with our handy sprayer. Below you will find an instructional video about the Wagner W100

The compact fine spray system W100, with its high atomization power, has been specially developed for precise spraying with a perfectly covering end result. And this in any situation and in any working direction, even on horizontal surfaces and above head height.

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