What our customers say
"Our partnership as a distributor grew out of our previous, long-standing partnership of nearly 30 years. They as the manufacturer and supplier of their products and we as the placement service. So becoming a distributor was also a logical step and evolution for us. We also work exclusively with the products of BAJ Concrete. Given our many years of cooperation, we have a pretty good contact and cooperation is smooth. We exchange ideas where we try to make each other's business better. It goes without saying that we appreciate BAJ taking our ideas into account."
Sabrina Lambrechts - Calleeuw-Lambrechts
"BAJ Concrete stands for a beautiful affordable solution as a partition for the garden. They also represent a correct, clear approach as a supplier. No question goes out of BAJ's way and a solution will always be sought along with them. Comments will also be addressed immediately by them. Fine company to work with!"
Elke Hayen - Construction Point Jorissen
"For me, BAJ Concrete is a quality manufacturer that meets the demand within the agreed deadline. Something that is becoming rare these days. I chose BAJ because they have 2 generations of experience and are also the market leader. The products are also appreciated by customers. Our cooperation is smooth and easy, I am always helped quickly. Even when we suggest changes, they are quickly reviewed and often implemented."
Cédric Franssen - Green Space
"BAJ Concrete is our supplier of concrete garden fences. We chose BAJ because of their extensive selection, combined with friendly service. I am always helped there quickly and kindly by the staff on the phone, but also by the co-owner who visits regularly. In short, the cooperation is going brilliantly."
Ingrid Lammens - Oosterbosch
We have been working with BAJ Concrete for more than 20 years. It is a regular reliable partner for us that provides a diverse range of concrete garden fences. At BAJ, they forward the customers from our region to us which of course is a win-win. We can only recommend them!
Mariska - Fruythof BV
BAJ Concrete has been our supplier of concrete fences for 25 years.
All these years of cooperation have allowed us to thrive in the trade with a wide and diversified range of solid materials.
Their professional approach remains at our disposal.
Deliveries are always correct and accurate.
Hergo Betons
We first came in contact with the folks at BAJ Concrete several years ago for some projects. Beginning in 2022, we as a firm focused entirely on fence construction. Working with BAJ stands out for us because they are always accessible. Apart from the good quality products, they are competitively priced which allows us to further market the products in a good and credible way. We are fans!
Tom Groven - Groven Tom
We have been customers for several years for the distribution of Origiwalls. The unique character of the company as well as the personal approach has a very good influence on our successful cooperation for us.
Dries Martens - Martens Building Materials
BAJ Concrete is our supplier of garden fences in concrete. They only work with regional distributors which allows us to grow with them. A great collaboration, based on a quality product with a good approach. The online calculation programs are also a real added value for us and our customers. We are pleased to distribute the Origiwalls from BAJ Concrete
Ad and Hanne Deckers - Building Point Deckers